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September 29th , 7 notes
Anonymous said: can u give me a link to all of AMei's 2014 album? & which are ur favs?
I replied:

1. 都對也都錯 (#11 on my blog playlist) 

2. 这样你还要爱我吗? (YT link)

3. 三月 (YT link)

4. 自虐 (my latest Song of the Week post) 

5. 偏執面 (YT link)

6. 跳進來 (YT link)

7. 狗 (YT link)

8. Booty Call (YT link)

9. 飛高高 (YT link)

10. 前進烏托邦 (YT link)

* favorites are bolded ^^ 

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Calvin Chen’s heart bleeds. Fahrenheit fans scold Aaron Yan Source:  Apple Daily Aaron Yan revealed that he is not friends with the former Fahrenheit members Jiro Wang and Calvin Chen, bluntly saying that “he cannot act it out”, to which Fahrenheit fans heavily criticized.  Calvin met with the media today and honestly said that he contacts Aaron less often. Because their age gap is huge, they have different topics to talk about. But Calvin considers Aaron as a friend, hence he was hurt hearing Aaron say he is not friends with him.  Rough translation by 100%frh
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