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so i actually never knew there was actually a thing as “Follow Forever” until i was mentioned in one hehe oops  so here’s just a big thank you note for the lovely people who make my dash (and my life) amazing 


wishing-for-rainiedays: i’m not sure if you remember, but i met you on my personal blog (now deleted). We started talking because we have the same names, and we were both interested in c-pop. You showed me your c-pop blog and I was inspired to start this one. You’re kinda basically the reason this blog is alive! 
taiwanesefanatic: Wendy, you’re a huge inspiration for me and i was so happy when you followed me. Honestly, just thank you for constantly updating your blog. I love reading your reviews/opinions even though 50% of the time, we have different views. You’re amazing and please keep on being amazing ♥


magictiuperman17, iheartshowlo, cpopaddict, she4ever, taiwanfensi, asianpopweekly, forevershowluo, fadedstarz, littlecloverstar, cpopismystyle, cpopwonderland. fyeahshowluo, and also the 2 mentioned above ^_^ 
& special thanks to cpopismystyle and asianpopweekly for talking to me keke


ianna18, subwinkle, iwaizumi-s, and justchillingundermyrock for being super interactive and dedicated followers. i love my followers with all of my heart ♥

Lastly, i just want to say THANK YOU AGAIN for being amazing people. If you’re reading this and I didn’t mention you, you’re still FREAKING WONDERFUL FOR FOLLOWING ME!!! If i missed someone, i’m extremely sorry. :-( & you should all follow the blogs that were mentioned! 
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